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The freeware version of BreveEasy operates in an identical manner to the licenced version - but it also occasionally interrupts your use with a pop up message window encouraging you to purchase a licence.

When you do purchase a licence you will be guaranteed free upgrades to the software as and when they become available. Your licence will continue to be valid for all versions of BreveEasy that you choose to run on your machine. Note that it is possible for future versions of BreveEasy to require advanced hardware that your current machine may not have. Future versions of the software will be available for download from the www from time to time.

Your licence will operate on a single machine. It bases it's licencing on a machine signature which relies on the sound card, operating system, hard disc and monitor. The only time you will need to purchase another licence will be if you do a major upgrade to your machine hardware, or if you throw it away and run the software on a different machine. Any number of people can use the software on your machine. However if you want to use the software on two different machines you will need two licences.

Before you licence your software you should confirm all of the following points using the freeware version.

1) The software only prompted you to enter your name and user details on the very first time you installed it. On subsequent runs the software goes straight to the main screen.

2) You can enter your name and instrument (under Tools / Options) and that once entered they remain unchanged when you stop and then restart the BreveEasy application.

3) You can start a repeated note monitoring system and then play a note on your instrument. The "Waiting for Note" box changes to "Monitoring" and the note name (eg A flat) is correctly displayed in the "Note" box. When you stop the note the "Monitoring" indication changes back to "Waiting for Note" .

If someone has recommended this software to you be sure to include their e-mail (using the correct upper and lower case letters) when you purchase your licence - so that they can claim commission on their sales. Once you licence your software you too will be eligible for commission.

You can purchase a licence on-line using your credit/debit card. It costs 10 GBP for a single machine licence. Or you can exchange an unused BreveEasy software token for a software licence. The software tokens are available for purchase from this www site. In either case you need to have your software licence key ready. This is available from the Tools / Authorise menu. It is best to copy the key to the Windows clip board ready to paste it prior to purchasing.

Ready to buy a single machine licence

Buy a single machine licence for 10 GBP. You need to enter your software licence key ......

Ready to trade in a BreveEasy software token for a single machine licence

Trade in a BreveEasy software token for a single machine licence. You need to have both your BreveEasy software token and your software licence key ready......

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